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Major Challenges


Unlike western medicine which depend upon clinical evidence, tribal traditional herbal knowledge depend upon clinical experience. There is a major threat of getting it lost as it is facing challenges from all fronts like Ageing Healers, People or consumer and companies engrossed in making it a viable alternative health solution.

Last Generation of Tribal Herbal Healers: All the tribal healers considered to be encyclopedia of traditional herbal knowledge are in their late 80s or early 90s and the irony is that their children no longer wanted to be a part of this legacy so if we failed to take their advantage and if they die then needless to say it will be a major national loss.

Inadequate Knowledge about tribal traditional Knowledge: Since faith healing is a part of tribal medication most of the common people associate tribal herbal knowledge with tantra, mantra and occult practices. What they don’t know is that tribal used more than 8000 plant species in their indigenous herbal practices which is more than the Ayurveda’s 900 species and treats critical disorders very effectively.

Mindset of the People: In the present era of computers, people expect immediate relief and treat their indications rather than the disease and purposely evade gradually recovery which comes through herbal products based on our traditional knowledge. In the whole process they don’t see the issue of “side effects”.

Social Stigma: Everybody claim to respect indigenous knowledge but when it comes for adoption they don’t do. If anybody in the family is suffering from any critical disorders then he is not taken to any herbal healer at the first place, only because the other will feel that family members are not willing to spend money on the costly treatment. Instead when everybody give up on the patient then he is taken to herbal healer at very last stage which proves to be futile.

Disinterested Companies: Most companies are not interested to work upon age old tribal traditional herbal knowledge for new drug development because of two reasons. Firstly, their people are not ready to work in remote and undeveloped rural tribal & forest areas which are deprived of basic amenities and secondly, they cannot patent the developed drug based on these existing knowledge. They are driven by their economic interest and not by wellbeing of the people.

Large Inventory Cost: Big companies are not interested as such and even if small companies worked and developed a product then launching it in the open market is nearly impossible due to exorbitant cost incurred to manufacture the product to maintain the required inventory inventory.

Large Cost for Awareness & Marketing: Even if a company developed the product, manufacture it in large quantity to make it available at all the possible out lets, it will not yield any sale unless it make people aware about its existence through different medium and marketing it through a sale force. All these require a very large fund.

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