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Swadeshi Sainik

What is Swadeshi Sainik all about ?

A Swadeshi Sainik is a person who advocates and persuades the objective of Swadeshi Gyan Abhiyan to his family, community, society and area. He may take this as a full time activity or part time task as well. He makes people aware about the indigenous herbal knowledge and encourage them to adopt it in their life style. He asks people to join this abhiyan and strengthen the cause. He inspires people to come forward and share their inherited knowledge with this forum so that it can benefit other people as well. He recommends them the products based on indigenous herbal knowledge as per their requirement and people have to buy it online from Abhumka Herbal website. Most importantly he didn’t sell the product but recommend and Sainik earns on every online purchase made upon his recommendation.


“ How Sainik Earns ”

A person becomes Swadeshi Sainik by paying Rs 250. He is provided a file containing details of Swadeshi Gyan Abhiyan, products covered under it and training on telephone; thereafter he is provided 100 visiting cards containing a unique alpha numeric identity code. Beside this an SGA identity card is issue to him as well. Each Swadesi Sainik works with in his close vicinity attending people of his social circle, community and area. Once he is in the field, he meet people and brief them about Swadeshi Gyan Abhiyan and recommend them products based on indigenous knowledge, he further state that if they purchase any of the product, then they are entitled to get the discount of 15% by just entering his unique code. All these hardly take 2 min and then he give his visiting card to him move on. He is not required to do follow up or recommend further. To avail discount of 15% interested people will always enter his code and once the purchase is made and credit points equivalent to 10% of the purchase value is credited into Swadeshi Sainik account. Once this allotted value crosses Rs 1000, we reimburse Rs 1250 to Sainik, this includes Rs 250 he paid at the time of his inclusion in the Swadeshi Gyan Abhiyan. Suppose if there is a sales scheme going on our portal then people purchasing product with reference to Sawdeshi Sainik will get 15% discount over and above the existing scheme. This system oriented business model runs on a special developed software where Swadeshi Sainik can analyze his performance 24 by 7 by himself.

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