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Scouting & Documentation: We are a remarkably diverse country with rich linguistic, genetic and cultural diversity. The country houses 1.2 billion people speaking 1652 languages and dialects, spread out over more than two thousand ethnicities and over every major religion. Our entire swadeshi gyan or tribal traditional herbal knowledge has passed from one generation to other through word of mouth and there is no written text as such. We should go all out for its extensive scouting and documentation to prevent the further loss of these knowledge.

Validation: Unlike western medicine which is based on clinical evidence, tribal traditional herbal knowledge is based on clinical experience. We need to validate it and generate reports to establish its credentials and efficacy through modern science. This can be done by research institution and universities. Jamnagar Ayurvedic University and Gujarat Vidyapith have already given their consent to take it up for noble cause.

Commercial Production & Livlihood Enhancement: Healthcare companies could do commercial production of the products based on these indigenous knowledge with the legal arrangement of a part of profit going towards livelihood enhancement of tribal community to raise their socio-economic status. Abhumka Herbal has started working with this business model in Dangs Gujarat and we need to replicate it in other part of the country as well.

Exchange of Information( Digital India): To make people aware about the indigenous knowledge based remedies for agriculture, animal husbandry and agriculture and provide platform to inspire people from different state, culture and community to share their indigenous knowledge so that rest of the country know about it. For these exchange of information portals like www.swadeshigyan.com and www.swadeshigyanabhiyan.com will be launched and all the chapter heads will be instrumental in searching, compiling of such information on the portal.

Pan India Awareness Drive: To make people aware about our age old indigenous herbal knowledge, indigenous herbal practices used by Indian tribesmen for different diseases and disorders, self reliance for the good health of their family, animals and agriculture. To eradicate the social stigma attached to use of indigenous knowledge and change the mindset and biased approach of people towards the indigenous knowledge to enhance its acceptance. For this we have chapter heads in 20 states to conduct seminars, workshops and distribution of material educating about tribal traditional herbal knowledge. Also they will provide recognition to traditional knowledge holders of their area and further integrate them to mainstream.

Conservation & Cultivation of Important Medicinal Plants: Due to natural and man made reasons many important medicinal plants are on the verge of extinction, we need to work for it’s ex-situ and in-situ conservation and cultivation as well. This will strengthen rural economy.

Employment Generation: Commercial cultivation, awareness campaign and promotion of indigenous knowledge will attract a large human force. “No one can worship GOD on an empty Stomach“ therefore different working models will be formed so that the people engaged in different assignment can have healthy earnings.

Enhance GDP Growth: Presently people are more dependent upon health insurance rather than opting preventive healthcare system to remain healthy. More and more people adopting indigenous knowledge based preventive measures will add up to GDP.

Call to Corporate: Corporate can use at least one healthcare or utility product based on these age old indigenous herbal knowledge of Indian tribesmen. They can also help in awareness by recommending it to their employee.

Awards & Recognition: www.swadeshigyanabhiyan.com and www.swadeshigyan.com will encourage knowledge holders and innovators to share their indigenous knowledge practices and videos for healthcare, agriculture and animal husbandry and adequately recognize them with different manner periodically.

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