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“Swadeshi Gyan Abbhiyan” is a mission initiated by Abhumka Herbal a social enterprise company to preserve and propagate our age old swadeshi gyan or tribal traditional herbal knowledge which is otherwise on the verge of extinction. If so happens, it will be a national loss. It is not just a mission but a revolution. It is said “No one can worship GOD on an empty Stomach“ so how can we run a mission ? Therefore Swadeshi Gyan Abhiyan will be a working business model to take legacy of indigenous knowledge and it’s products across India. It involves different strategies for awareness and marketing to combat the existing challenges and provide cost effective need based health solutions. Total global herbal market is of size 62.0 billion dollars, in this India’s contribution is only one billion dollars. The forecast is that the global market for herbal products is expected to be $5 Trillion by 2050. Herbal remedies would become increasingly important especially in developing countries. India, with its biodiversity has a tremendous potential and advantage in this emerging area. What Oil is to Gulf, our age old tribal traditional herbal knowledge can be for Indian economy. Now for this to happen we should have a clear understanding about the present ground reality and measures we are going to take for realizing the objective of making India a super power for herbal economy. Product line includes human health, animal health and agriculture. It creates win-win situation for the manufacturer, consumer and people. This is for the 1st time in India that people ( Swadeshi Sainik) involved in awareness and marketing activity actually don’t sell the product but earn just by recommending it.

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